Mike Tyson Broke Ground On Cannabis Ranch In California

Mike Tyson is known for his boxing career, his prominent face tattoo and a handful of memorable movie cameos. In the 80’s, he rose to fame as the youngest heavyweight champion in history. But now he’s looking to break into a new industry — the cannabis industry. He’s recently broken ground on a 40-acre operation in remote California City. Tyson has been a long believer in cannabis’ healing properties and hopes to improve medical marijuana research. Half of the acreage will be devoted to cannabis growing, and the other half will be an extraction facility/cultivation school. There will but many other aspects to the prospective space, including an edible factory, a hydro plant and a supply store. It will also have campsites and cabins for guests looking to stay and enjoy the wares from the ranch.

The ranch will be comprised of mostly military veterans — in fact the company says that ‘taking care of the men and women who’ve served is a top priority.” It will also be located near Edwards air force base and hopes to create jobs as well as a positive rapport with the community. California City mayor, Jennifer Wood even calls the Tyson endeavor a “rebirth” for the entire city.