New York-Based CBD Festival Selling Products & Food

This festival is all about CBD.

The organizers of the Hester Street Fair, a weekly flea market/community gathering, recently threw the fair’s first-ever Hester Street CBD Festival.

CBD is a quasi-legal way for people in states with no cannabis law to break into the cannabis space.

“I know a lot of people have CBD in their coffee shops and everyone’s talking about it, and I just thought it’d be great to somehow put all that in one place,” stated the fair’s founder David Komurek.

The festival featured vendors with CBD lotions, gummies, oils, and more, as well as a special menu with CBD-infused drinks and ice cream.

“With living in New York comes a lot of stress, so we just try to educate people on how to combat that stress,” said Potion CBD co-owner Zoe Reda. “And we use these [Potion CBD] gummies every day to promote feelings of relaxation, soreness, getting a stiff neck from working at a desk all the time. And try to combat those everyday stressors that you have.”

The Hester Street CBD Fair was a successful community event in NYC — so much so that Komurek and co-creator Carma Flores want to take it on the road to other cities.