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Pot Brothers at Law PSAs Help People Avoid Jail Time for Weed

These lawyers make PSAs that could keep you out of jail and millions are listening to their viral video advice.

The California-based Pot Brothers at Law are Marc and Craig Wasserman. They’re well known for “Shut the F*ck Up Friday,” a 25-word script they say has saved many clients from a DUI. They have been practicing law for a total of 54 collective years. They got into cannabis law when Prop 215 was passed in CA in 1996.

“Over the years, as we were continuing to fight these types of cases, and then eventually his son, my nephew, wanted to cultivate. Wanted to get into this industry as it was with the not-for-profit cooperative and the collectives,” said Marc. “And that’s where were really schooled ourselves, to protect his son from felonies, which over a 10-year period he would get four or five felonies in different cases and we were able to get them all dismissed.”

The brothers have gained notoriety on social media platforms. Their Shut the F*ck Up Friday series of videos has received millions of views. They addressed criticisms they’ve received that their script doesn’t apply to people of color.

“This isn’t to not get arrested, it’s not to not go get a ticket,” Marc said. “It’s to preserve your rights at the end of the day.”