Pro-Weed Florida Candidate Nikki Fried Had Another Bank Account Shut Down

A second bank closed Nikki Fried’s account for supporting weed.

“I’m not touching the plant, I am merely a candidate for office who has been a strong advocate and voice for the patients across the state of Florida,” she said.

Fried, a candidate for Agriculture Commissioner in Florida, had her campaign’s Wells Fargo account shut down back in August 2018 because she accepted campaign donations from cannabis companies. Now BB&T is shutting down her bank account for the same exact reason.

“While BB&T has no position on the issue of marijuana or the ongoing discussion regarding its legalization, we must continue to abide by all applicable laws and regulations as a federally-regulated financial institution,” stated BB&T director of corporate communications, Brian Davis. “While many states have enacted changes, federal law prohibits the use, sale, and possession of all forms of cannabis in the United States.”

One of Fried’s campaign platforms has always been medical cannabis, but she never intended on weed becoming the focal point of her campaign.

“I have seen really, kind of again, first hand, of how medical marijuana is saving lives and changing people’s lives across the country. So this is my issue, and if it brings to light the importance of it, then I will happily take this as the main issue of my campaign,” she explained.