Sundae School Weed-Infused Korean Dinner

This Korean brand hosted a Chuseok weed-infused dinner. Sundae School, a Seoul-based smokewear brand, brought in the three-day Korean holiday Chuseok with close friends and traditional Korean dishes infused with THC.

“So usually, in Korea, for Chuseok we bring our family and friends around, and we have a feast together,” said Sundae School founder Dae Lim. “In Korea a family is one of the most important things right and family not just meeting your immediate family but the community of those who support you.”

Chuseok is the Korean equivalent to Thanksgiving. Family and friends come together between September 23 to 26 to share food, stories, and give thanks to their ancestors. Sundae School is adding a twist to the traditional holiday by serving an eight-course, THC-infused feast.

“On average, there will be around, like, 20 people here, and everyone's going to have around 15 milligrams of THC,” Lim said. “We are using a half-half strain. It's called Godzilla monster. It's a pure hybrid.”

Sundae School wants to educate communities on cannabis consumption and culture, inn order to destigmatize the plant across countries and generations.

“This is another evolution of many beautiful adaptations of our tradition and we're really proud of it and hopefully we can, you know, get more people, and more Korean people especially, to experiment with cooking with cannabis,” Lim said.