Legalization & Addiction

The Gym That Lets You Get High

Break The Stigma Fitness is a full-service cannabis and fitness experience. The gym is located in Denver, Colorado and allows you to come and get high before, during and after your workout — they’ll even provide the means.

The gym came out of founder Jennessa Lea’s medical necessity. She started the gym after being diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) at the age of 26. EDS is a connective tissue disease that affects your collagen, which is sort of the glue that holds your body together. She was told she’d be on narcotic pain pills for the rest of her life and has continually suffered from joint problems. So she was told to go to physical therapy so that she could build muscle, but she found it impossible to maintain on her medication. So she dropped it and incorporated weed into her routine. She quickly noticed a positive difference in her workout, so she decided to open a space where people could practice their fitness while comfortably ingesting marijuana.