This Mother Moved to Colorado from Kansas to Get Medical Cannabis for Her Daughter

Christine Gordon had to move from Kansas to Colorado to get medical cannabis for her daughter.  

“Colorado absolutely is saving my daughter’s life,” she explained. “She has been able to stop seizure activity in under three minutes. That was unheard of in Kansas.”

Gordon is a self-described “medical marijuana refugee” who moved with her family to Colorado because she was unable to obtain cannabis in Kansas, but knew it could improve her daughter Autumn’s quality of life.

“She is having less side effects from pharmaceuticals, her health, overall, is better,” she said. “She’s receiving help here that she never could. And I thank Colorado for opening their arms to us.”

Autumn was diagnosed with severe autism and Dravet syndrome when she was three months old, which is a severe type of childhood epilepsy that causes her to have seizures lasting up to four hours. Gordon took Autumn to a specialist in St. Louis who told her that cannabis might be her best option. She advocated for six years to get to Kansas Safe Access Act passed, which would have legalized medical cannabis in the state.

Fed up with the politics in Kansas, Gordon made a difficult decision to move.

“After six years, I couldn’t justify making her wait any longer, so my husband and I decided to do whatever it took to get her out here,” she said. “She was able to get her cannabis card within the first couple of weeks of us moving here. She’s been on cannabis for almost six months now.”