‘Weed Dip’ Could Help Curb A Smokeless Tobacco Addiction

This “weed dip” could help curb chewing tobacco addiction.

“Cannadips” are pouches that look like chewing tobacco pouches, but they’re tobacco-free and instead contain 10 mg of THC or CBD. Unlike edibles that the liver absorbs and processes, Cannadips are put in your mouth, where cannabinoids are absorbed sublingually into the buccal artery.

“There is some small level of delayed absorption, but unlike edibles, our product is rapid acting,” Cannadips Co-Founder Case Mandel stated to Green Entrepreneur.

Mandel said the method of consumption increased the amount absorbed into the bloodstream, and avoids the surprise psychoactivity of typical fat-soluble edibles. He grew up in Santa Cruz, California where he said dipped tobacco was common among men in the surfer community.

“But it’s highly addictive and not good for you,” he said. “So that’ something that we were trying to find a solution for. Something that people can use to help them get off smokeless tobacco of use as an adjunct to smokeless tobacco.”

Cannadips aren’t clinically proven to prevent the use of chewing tobacco. There is some research that says cannabis can prevent tobacco use, but there’s also conflicting research that says it can worsen tobacco addiction.

Cannadips are available in both THC and CBD formulations.