Weed Writer Javier Hasse Lands On Billboard Charts With Cannabis Spoken Word

This weed writer accidentally landed on an album with Wu-Tang’s RZA.

Javier Hasse is the author of the book “Start Your Own Cannabis Business.” He’s also written articles for High Times, Playboy, and Leafly. Now, a poem he wrote is sitting on eight different Billboard charts.

“Last year, I saw playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda perform at the John Oliver show, and he did this rap,” Hasse explained. “He was great at explaining and kind of communicating what the problems where in a very heartfelt way. So I was in the shower one day and thought, I need to get this guy to talk about medical cannabis.”

Hasse did what any writer obsessed with weed legalization would do and came up with a rap in order to pitch to Miranda. He says after approximately 15 minutes, he had the entire song in his head. He then sent the poem to Miranda’s team and got a response from his publicist that he was too busy for an interview.

Fast forward to a year later in 2018, a friend asked him to perform the spoken word at a conference. Someone shot the video of the performance and put it on LinkedIn. Then a producer friend of Hasse saw the video and asked if he could use it in his musical track.
“Stop the Madness” is now the 13th track on the album “The Woodlum Ball,” which is available for download anywhere you can purchase music.