What's at Stake for Cannabis In the Midterm Elections

There are 36 cannabis reform measures across seven states — here’s where your weed vote matters.

Michigan has a question on the ballot to legalize cannabis for adult use in the state. If passed, individuals 21 and older can purchase possess, and use weed, and grow up to 12 plants for personal consumption.

North Dakota has a ballot question asking if the state should remove cannabis from schedule I and would legalize weed for adult use in the state.

Missouri has three questions on the ballot, which all pertain to the legalization of medical cannabis in the state.
Utah’s ballot question would legalize and regulate medical cannabis in the state.

Colorado’s ballot question asks if there should be an amendment to the state constitution changing the definition of industrial hemp to match the federal definition once the 2018 farm bill passes.

Six localities in Ohio have ballot questions that would lower penalties for cannabis possession to the lowest penalty allowed by state law.
Wisconsin has advisory ballot questions in 17 localities asking whether cannabis should be legalized for medical or adult use, and if it were to be legalized, where the taxes would be distributed.