Why Chris Long and Rob Gronkowski Want the NFL to Allow Weed Use

Chris Long uses weed and thinks the NFL should allow it.
The former Philadelphia Eagles defensive end shared his thoughts on weed in an August 27 interview with Sports Illustrated Now.
“I just think it’s dumb I think it’s arbitrary,” He said, alluding to people’s objectionable views on cannabis use. “You’re tarnishing the brand and popularity of some guys who could be great stars in the league, but you’re making them these poster children for the devil’s lettuce when you pop them with a test. It’s pointless.”
Long is no stranger to talking about weed. In May 2019 interview on “The Dan Patrick Show,” shortly after announcing his retirement after 11 seasons in the NFL, he opened up about his cannabis use, stating, “I certainly enjoyed me fair share on a regular basis through my career.”
And Long isn’t the only NFL player touting cannabis. This week, former Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski announced a partnership with Rhode Island-based CBD company Abacus Health. In a public appearance, he said that CBD has helped him immensely and he wants the same opportunities for friends and teammates.
The NFL’s policy on weed continues to lag behind the times. Players who fail an initial drug test are placed in an “intervention program.” Future failed tests thereafter can result in suspensions.