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Why Killer Mike Wants Rappers to Get More Credit for Weed Legalization

Killer Mike thinks rappers should get much more credit for weed decriminalization.

The Run the Jewels artist spoke at the “Free the State” summit hosted by the Washington Post on June 17, 2019
“We know that with national decriminalization of marijuana now, a lot of people are going to get credit for it—a lot of activists, a lot of workers—but I can show you a line that leads straight back to Cypress Hill, that leads straight back to Snoop Dogg, that leads straight back to people like Rick James,” he stated.

The rapper and activist talked about artists’ roles in promoting free speech and called out societal double standards on portrayals of rap artists in media compared to artists in other genres. Though cannabis has been a theme for some rappers for decades, Mike says their work is often overlooked in mainstream conversations about cannabis.

“And if it’s not duly acknowledged publicly, if the media isn’t pushing the line of that narrative, if the media isn’t giving us that freedom, if the media treats rappers differently than they do country artists, then you’re going to see a galvanization of what the prejudices that we already see,” he stated.