Willie Nelson Releases New Weed Strain With Album

This new strain was made specifically for Willie Nelson’s new album.

Nelson released his 67th studio album on April 27, 2018, and also announced a new strain for his cannabis company, that carries the same name as the album “Last Man Standing.”

“It comes from this huge plant with beautiful buds. It’s so expressive of its characteristics,” explained the strain’s co-cultivator Shane Osburn. “When you walk past the plant it smells like an orange tree.”

Shane and his wife Amelia say they’re proud to grow “Last Man Standing” for the cultural icon.

“Willie is a soldier for the cannabis community. We have total respect for how he’s told the world about what we do, through his music and through who he is,” he stated.

Willie’s been open about his love of weed for years.  His cannabis brand Willie’s Reserve is a gesture to his fans and the “cannabis revolution.” It’s sold in legal states across the country. At 85 years old, it doesn’t look like Willie’s slowing down. If anything, legalization might be helping him find his stride.

“We’ve come pretty damn far from the point where they’d put you in prison for life for a seed to where we are now,” Amelia stated.