Elections to Watch in 2019

All eyes should be on countries with elections in 2019. If the last few years have been any indication, the 2019 elections can have major consequences for the rest of the world, in addition to the country in which they’re held.

Each year, citizens from countries all over the world have the opportunity to make their voices heard at the ballot box. Surprise results can completely change the calculus for even the most meticulous global leaders.

So in this episode, we’re discussing four countries with important elections 2019: Afghanistan, Ukraine, India, and Israel, and how these 2019 elections might impact events on the global stage.

Leaders in Afghanistan, Ukraine, India, and Israel will have to make the case to voters that they deserve to hold power. Then, on Election Day, citizens will decide who will win 2019 elections. What will happen to these continuing conflicts and embroiled incumbents? Stay tuned.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t go over every election coming up in 2019, including those in countries like Argentina and Nigeria. What elections would you like to see us cover later this year? Be sure to let us know in the comments. And as always, be sure to like and subscribe.