Trump’s Historic 'National Emergency’ Explained

President Donald Trump has declared a nation emergency over border war funding. The declaration allows the president to unilaterally divert billions of dollars from military construction projects to fund this border wall.

But now, Trump’s declaration is being challenged in the courts and Congress. In a historic vote on February 26, the House of Representatives voted to block a presidential national emergency for the first-time ever.

Many other presidents have used this power before. But this declaration isn’t normal. At all.

Because by using it to fund his proposed border wall, he has made it the first time a president has used this power to pay for policy that had already been rejected by Congress.

Right now, 16 states are suing the president for what they say is an “unconstitutional” use of executive power.

The lawsuit claims the president has used a quote “manufactured crisis” to call for an emergency.

In this episode, we’ll explain Trump’s recent action, and the legal battles it face. We’ll explore the history of presidential National Emergencies in America. And speak to one of the leading experts on this issue, Elizabeth Goitein, to help us better understand what’s different about Trump’s declaration and why it could be setting a dangerous precedent.