Illicit Weed Vapes Found to Contain Deadly Chemicals

“It had everything bad in it.”

According to a new report, formaldehyde and other deadly chemicals were found in illicit weed vapes.

The California testing lab CannaSafe found the vapor produced in six bootleg cannabis cartridges contained high levels of pesticides and other harmful substances. One of the cartridges called Maui Waui, reportedly contained 1,500 times the legal limit of pesticides, some of which produce formaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide when heated for vaporization.

“It had everything bad in it,” CannaSafe VP of Operations Antonio Frazier said in a statement. “If you look at some of the [CDC] data for fatal dosing, I’d be willing to bet that some of these are over what they would consider a fatal dose.”

CannaSafe also tested seven cannabis cartridges from legal dispensaries and reportedly found no indication of dangerous chemicals when heated to the recommended temperature of three volts. But many vape pens allow users to turn the heat up to as high as six volts, which can have dangerous consequences.

“When you vaporize stuff at too high a temperature, it’s much more dangerous than a cigarette,” CannaSafe President Aaron Riley explained. "People don't die from smoking a pack of cigarettes, which is what we're seeing with some of these illicit vape products. People are actually dying over a month of use."

Recently, the CDC called vitamin E Acetate a “very strong culprit” in the lung illnesses that have killed at least 39 people and sickened over 2,000 more.