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Man Calls Cop After Roommate Steals His Weed

Maybe don’t call 911 if someone steals your weed?

A man called 911 over $20 of weed.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office did a “tweet-a-long” on October 12 to give a behind-the-scenes look at of Deputy N. Zalva's night after a man called 911 to report that his cannabis has been stolen by his roommate.

“All right, I so I just received a call,” he explained in a video. “A guy’s callin’ in saying his roommates stole his weed, $20 worth, and he’s upset, so he keeps callin’ 911. So I gotta give him a call and tell him to stop callin’ about his weed.”

Zalva seemed amused by the incident but gave the man a call back to tell him not to use the emergency hotline to report his drugs being stolen. He said that the man “started to freak out a little bit on the phone,” then hung up on him. Officials didn’t say of the man was taken into custody for reporting his own drugs.

While medical cannabis is legal for certain conditions in Florida, recreational cannabis is not—but, regardless of the law, it’s probably better to avoid calling 911 over $20 worth of weed.

This isn’t the first time the cops have been called over a zany weed incident. In 2017, several hikers who climbed England’s highest mountain got so high that they couldn’t walk down and had to call authorities. Local police had to deploy air support and an ambulance to rescue them and were able to get the group down in a matter of hours.

“Person’s rescued after becoming incapable of walking due to cannabis use,” the Copeland Police tweeted. “MRT volunteers putting themselves at risk to prevent harm.”

Similarly to Zalva’s situation, the police weren’t too irked about the annoying weed-related incident and asked Twitter followers to remain impartial about the subject matter.