Would You Work Out in CBD-Infused Clothes?

Capsules burst onto your skin while you exercise and are meant to act as anti-inflammatory and prevent pain.

The CBD craze has made its way into clothing with the release of a new workout line that has capsules infused with CBD oil.

The company, Acabada, calls itself “the world’s first line of luxurious, CBD-infused proactive wear.” Each piece of clothing from their line is reportedly infused with 25 grams of zero-THC “pure” CBD.

CBD droplets are wrapped in a case that’s designed to burst when it senses skin friction while you workout. The New York-based company says that CBD has topical benefits and can act as an anti-inflammatory agent and pain reliever. Although the claims of CBD benefits have yet to be proven by the FDA, the company states their clothing will “fight soreness and promote healing.”

The FDA is still working to confirm the science and safety of CBD products. Researchers who study CBD have questioned Acabada’s marketing techniques.

“We don’t have good evidence that, from controlled studies with humans, CBD is going to help accelerate the healing process. And if CBD does have an impact on healing or muscle soreness, we are in the dark as of yet with respect to how well it gets absorbed by the body when given topically, Ziva Cooper, Cannabis Research Initiative at the University of California, told Gizmodo.

Acabada claims their athletic apparel lasts up to 40 washes and costs between $125 and $275.